AOC active HDMI fiber cable

HDMI active cables are highly competitive in the long distance HDMI interconnection market. Using advanced embedded optical engine technology, this series of HDMI active cables can support transmission rates up to 18Gbps, can perfectly support the HDMI 2.0 standard, and provide excellent HDMI signal integrity. Maximum transmission length of 100 meters (can be customized according to customer requirements), plug and play, no need for external power supply.

• Maximum transmission length of 100 meters, different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

• Fully supports HDCP2.2 bidirectional EDID communication with HDCP.

• Support 4096 x 2160, 4K(60P), 3D full HD transmission distance up to 100 meters.

• Low power consumption (up to 250mW), no external power supply required.

• Transmission rate up to 6Gbps/ channel, total bandwidth up to 18Gbps

• Plug and play, customers do not need to do any setup.

• Active fiber optic cable integrated with optical fiber is lighter and more flexible than copper wire.

• Fiber optic cables are lighter and thinner, with more than 50% less weight and volume than traditional copper cables.

• Excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference

Built-in independently designed optical system, simple and fast production, strong operability, and support ultra-long distance transmission.

* High frequency HDMI TMDS signal is transmitted through multi-mode optical fiber, with very good anti-electromagnetic interference and RF interference performance.

* In order to meet different market needs, our company provides PCB'A modules with two different configurations: long distance transmission and short distance transmission, to meet customers' application requirements in different scenarios.

*D Type interface AOC can be directly connected to the D Type to A Type adapter as A Type interface.

* The finished active cable meets HDMI 2.0 protocol specification and is compatible with HDMI 1.4 protocol specification.

* Active optical fiber using photoelectric composite structure, 4 fiber and 7 copper cable, fiber external arylon yarn to prevent fiber in bending when pulled, copper cable I²C (read as I square C) signal increased shielding protection, to enhance anti-interference ability.

Applications: Digital signage, LED signs in stadiums and streets, medical imaging equipment, airport boarding video information system, home theater, Blu-ray, 3D video, projector, set-top box, DVR, game control and computer display connection, broadcast and television stations, video conferencing equipment, security monitoring system

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