HDMI fiber cable and HDMI fiber extender

Hdmi-to-fiber audio and video transmission is divided into HDMI fiber cable and HDMI fiber extender due to different distances. With its own research and development and productivity, FoxunHD has introduced multiple models and specifications of HDMI fiber cables and HDMI fiber extenders to the market. In the actual application, how to confirm the site environment is the choice of HDMI fiber cable or HDMI fiber extender.

Application environment expansion and application space extension, HDMI cable and HDMI cable extender can not solve the problem of long-distance transmission of live audio and video. HDMI fiber extender meets and solves the distance problem.

HDMI to optical fiber audio and video transmission is divided into HDMI optical fiber and HDMI optical fiber extender due to different distances. In the actual application, how to confirm the site environment is the choice of HDMI fiber cable or HDMI fiber extender.

According to the requirements of site distance and project stability, it is recommended to choose HDMI optical fiber for short distance non-engineering, which can solve the problem and reduce the cost. HDMI optical cable transmission problem (HDMI optical cable is composed of a number of copper wires and four core optical fiber, four core optical fiber undertakes audio and video transmission, copper wire undertakes signal communication transmission and HDMI signal protocol transmission and HDMI cable power supply demand, HDMI optical cable power consumption demand from HDMI two devices HDMI port 5V2A power supply, no external power supply, which limits the length of HDMI optical cable, reliable stability and multi-dimensional compatibility), so HDMI cable is more suitable for short distance simple environment, non-24-hour power supply requirements of engineering projects.

HDMI fiber extender and HDMI fiber line is the biggest difference, the former uses external power supply, to meet the needs of high standard engineering installation. Take FoxunHD HDMI2.0 fiber extender HF60 as an example, the bandwidth is up to 18G, supports 4K@60Hz transmission of 60KM, with RS232 control and other functions. In order to stabilize the long-distance transmission of 4K audio and video signals, in the electro-to-optical codec technology is more complex and stable than the HDMI fiber line, the use of large PCB multi-port design compatible with HDMI audio embedded embedded, RS232, kvm and other interface functions far beyond the HDMI fiber line. Independent 12V power supply is required for transmitter and receiver to ensure 24 hours live operation. It is recommended to be used in projects with complex on-site construction environments and high compatibility requirements that require 24-hour live working.

HDMI fiber extender, the price difference is mainly due to the application of the transmission signal requirements are different. For example, security buildings have low requirements for audio and video signal processing and overall low requirements for real-time transmission. Generally, 3.125G fiber extender can meet the needs of the project. This device costs about the same as HDMI fiber cable, which can solve the problem and provide stable and reliable transmission. Relative video conference, command center, hospital surgery teaching and other places; The requirement of lossless non-compression and real-time performance of audio and video is relatively high. According to the high standard characteristics, the HF60 HDMI2.0 fiber extender adopts the real-time lossless and non-compression double-fiber transmission mode to perfectly solve the real-time stability and reliability of the transmission, and solve the stability problem of the equipment in the engineering 24 hours live work. In high standard engineering applications, Kosen HF60 can be connected to external power supply, support HDMI audio and video, infrared, kvm, rs232, support a variety of protocols two-way communication and can meet the engineering requirements for 24 hours live equipment work.

According to the above comparison, we believe that HDMI optical fiber line due to the current technical reasons can not be on-site maintenance, and poor compatibility, transmission distance is too short, more suitable for short-distance open line home or engineering use. HDMI fiber extender independent power supply, powerful function, extended distance up to 60KM, the basic part of the equipment can be real-time lossless without compression, support a variety of protocol communication, good compatibility site maintenance and replacement is simple, suitable for high standard embedded projects.

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