100 meters, 300 meters long-distance HDMI signal how to achieve?

General HDMI signal transmission below 30 meters, then for the general quality of the wire about the maximum distance transmitted 15 meters to 20 meters or so, for good quality HDMI cable can transmit more than 25 meters, or even 30 meters, if only the simple transmission of HDMI signals to display devices, HDMI signals do not go through other devices, the total length of 30 meters or less, it is recommended that the longer the distance the better the wire needs to be selected.

1、HDMI signal without passing through other devices (transmission 120 meters)
HDMI signal generally can not be directly transmitted with HDMI cable to more than 30 meters, and there is almost no finished HDMI cable above 30 meters on the market. We can use the network cable to extend the signal, with HDMI network cable extender to extend the signal, HDMI network cable extender is divided into the transmitter (HDMI input, network cable output) and the receiver (network cable input, HDMI output), can extend 100 meters (Category 5 network cable), 120 meters (Category 6 network cable).
2, HDMI signals need to pass through other devices in the middle (transmission 60 meters)
If the middle of the signal source to the display needs to pass through the HDMI image processing equipment (such as HDMI distributor, HDMI switcher, HDMI matrix, etc.).

In general, it is recommended that the HDMI image processing equipment in the middle, so that the distance between the signal source to HDMI image processing equipment and HDMI image processing equipment to the display as equal as possible, the device supports input 30 meters of HDMI cable, supports output 30 meters of HDMI cable, a total of 60 meters can be transmitted, the product itself with enhanced and amplified HDMI signal, can ensure image high quality and long distance transmission.
HDMI IP Extender
HDMI IP Extender with ip protocol multi-broadband cable in it, can achieve ip dial-up function, eliminating the use of network cables.
HDMI IP Extender with one transmitter and multiple receivers, through the router or switch can do up to one transmit TX, 254 receiver RX signal transmission at the same time.

HDMI IP Extender can be widely used in
1, Connect one HDMI switcher to remote devices (such as Blu-ray and media players) to create your own wireless home theater.
2、Ideal for conference rooms to share briefing content and video conferencing to four different sets of locations, with a single unit transmitting up to 120 meters, with graded transmission further away.
3、Can be part of digital signage architecture to broadcast advertising or promotional videos wirelessly in showrooms, boutiques or car dealerships.

HDMI Optical Fiber Extender
Fiber optic extender in order to solve the HDMI signal longer distance transmission, the occurrence of image mosaic, color distortion, can not be transmitted and other problems, is designed for network flat panel display and large screen curtain wall display advertising engineering, industrial automation control, medical equipment, security monitoring, multimedia teaching and other display system engineering in the demand for high quality HDMI video signal long distance transmission and professional design set HDMI signal conversion, driving, receiving and restoring functions as one signal transmission system, the transmission distance can reach up to 20 km.

HDMI Fiber Optic Cable (100m-300m)
Fiber optic HDMI high-definition cable because of the use of fiber optic transmission medium, long-distance signal transmission attenuation can be basically ignored, the longest transmission distance can be more than 300m. For HIFI, projectors, and video surveillance systems, the long-distance transmission signal distortion of traditional copper cables directly leads to unavailability or poor experience of the equipment. Users use fiber optic HDMI cable to arrange these devices without worrying about the attenuation or distortion of the transmission signal, and can arrange the system equipment at will in full accordance with the actual needs of users.

The advantage of HDMI cable is that even when faced with longer distances of buried wires and wiring connections, it can still ensure lossless transmission of 4k images and high guaranteed audio, while HDMI HD cables over 25 meters in size require the addition of signal amplifiers, which are limited in length and cannot guarantee lossless transmission of audio and video signals.

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