HDMI Audio Splitter

HDMI audio splitter is to solve the problem that in some hosts with only one HDMI output interface, want to use both audio and video inside the HDMI signal, or want to use audio on the monitor side. Some HDMI monitors do not come with audio output, when using only 1 HDMI output, then it is difficult to use the audio signal inside the HDMI, some HDMI monitors with audio output, but only analog audio output, and actually need the digital audio in HDMI.

HDMI audio splitter working principle
In layman's terms, HDMI audio splitter is a copy of the HDMI signal, and then 1 HDMI output to the display, if the display also supports audio output, there will still be audio; the other way will be HDMI inside the digital audio separation out, and then converted into optical audio output, coaxial audio output, 3.5mm analog audio output; some of the better HDMI audio splitter Optical coaxial also supports DTS-HD, Dolby True HD, 2.1-channel and 5.1-channel output; it also supports HDMI ARC digital audio return, CEC function and 4K * 2K @ 30Hz HD resolution; there will be a switch on the machine to switch between 2.1-channel output, 5.1-channel output and ARC audio return.

HDMI audio splitter application scenarios

Large screen application scenario
In the subway station, high-speed railway station, square and other large splicing screen advertising can use HDMI audio splitter, the audio will be separated out to play separately; in some school parties, wedding scenes, private cinema and other scenes using HDMI audio splitter output 5.1 channel, more to highlight the scene atmosphere

Other application scenarios
Can also be used at home, such as home theater, whether it is connected to the game console, computer host, Blu-ray player, etc., we will audio directly from the HDMI audio splitter here to access the 2.1 or 5.1 audio system, in the use of back and forth to switch the audio connection, you only need to use the same HDMI cable can greatly simplify the operation, but also to reduce the space occupation of the device, the entire environment are beautiful

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