Using the Scart to HDMI cable correctly - here's how

The interface of the future is definitely HDMI. HDMI transmits high-resolution picture and sound material via a thin cable with a compact connector. But what if you want to connect an old device with a Scart connection to a new TV that only has HDMI inputs? A Scart to HDMI cable is the supposed solution.

Scart and HDMI in one cable
In fact, there is no cable that directly offers a Scart and an HDMI connection. This is because the two types of connections are designed for different types of signals.
Scart is an analog connection system, designed to carry analog picture and sound signals.
HDMI, on the other hand, is a purely digital connection format, and image and sound data are transmitted there in digitized form.
If, for example, a signal is to be sent from a Scart device to an HDMI device, it must first be digitized so that the HDMI device can understand the information. The other way around, the signal from an HDMI device would first have to be analogized for a Scart device. For this reason, there can be no direct cable connection between these two forms of connection. Any products that will promise something like this will deliver poor quality or not work at all.
The only way to send a good signal from a Scart source to an HDMI device (or vice versa) is to use an A/D converter (analog to digital converter). Such a device converts the analog or digital signal into the other form. For the conversion from HDMI to Scart or also, for example, to VGA, there are corresponding converter boxes to which the two devices are connected by cable and which then convert the signal in real time.

Using HDMI-Scart adapters correctly
Almost all current multimedia devices have only one connection: HDMI. It is not only ...

However, a good converter box is not cheap. You should expect a price around 100 USD if you want a high-quality conversion. Possibly the purchase of a corresponding new end device is the more worthwhile alternative.

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