Lightning Adapters: HDMI, VGA and more - an overview

Apple did not only earn praise with the introduction of the Lightning connector. Many fans were disappointed that they could only connect their accessories with a Lightning adapter.

Nevertheless, Lightning is the future for Apple and will probably be the standard for iDevices for the next 10 years. So it's worth taking a look at the available Lightning adapters:

Lightning adapters at a glance: Functions and prices
In fact, Lightning is a technical masterpiece in some respects. Unlike standard interfaces such as USB, HDMI or DVI, it is universal (video-out, audio-out, data, power), extremely compact and (as far as nothing new, but here it comes) can be used on both sides.

No matter how you insert the plug - it always sits correctly and snaps solidly into place. What appears to be so simple, however, is only possible through elaborate technology.

The following interfaces can already be provided via Lightning adapters today:

We are still waiting for these adapters
Lightning to Camera Adapter: With the Camera Connection Kit for iPad, photos from a digital camera can be transferred directly to the iPad via USB cable or SD memory card - without using Mac or PC. Currently, the iPad Camera Connection Kit is only available for iPads with the old 30-pin connector. We are waiting for a quick update!

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