slanted! Innovative HDMI cable for very flat TVs

We've really seen a lot of HDMI cables in our lives now, but this one is new. The premium cable manufacturer Oehlbach recently presented the first HDMI cable with angled connectors (not to be confused with flexible angled connectors!).

What's the point? The picture below gives it away! Because the devil is in the details: modern LED TVs are getting flatter and flatter, so - especially when wall-mounted - there is less and less space left for HDMI cable routing.

Oehlbach Shape Magic
(c) Oehlbach

Areas of application - for which the angle HDMI cable is useful
HDMI connections very close to each other
HDMI connections on the side
ultra flat LED TVs
frameless LED TVs
In the above cases, standard HDMI cables always cause problems with cabling. Side-mounted HDMI connectors require the HDMI cable to be routed very tightly, otherwise it will dangle out the side of the TV. Multiple HDMI cables next to each other will interfere with each other because the jacks are too close together.And a horizontally connected cable that is routed down at a 90° angle is not very conducive to either connectors or cables.

To prevent these problems, luxury cable manufacturer Oehlbach relies on a new technology. The so-called "Shape Magic HDMI cables" are equipped with a 40° angled, extremely flat HDMI plug and thus allow a tighter cable routing.

The Shape Magic cables therefore offer more cables in a small space. In this way, even closely spaced HDMI jacks can be connected well and the HDMI cables can be routed very tightly away from the flat screen TV. The HDMI cables thus remain invisible even with extremely flat and narrow televisions.

Of course, these cables are technically up to date and transmit not only image and sound signals in high-speed mode, but also additional packet data via an Ethernet channel (if the TV supports this).

Unfortunately, you pay a high price for this practical special cable - nothing unusual for the premium manufacturer like Oehlbach.

Nevertheless, we think the idea is successful - finally an HDMI cable that attracts attention away from gold contacts and silver particles with innovations that actually provide a practical benefit.

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