Advantages of HDMI fiber extender

In signal data transmission, we often hear about optical modules, optical fibers, optical cables and other devices; In this article, Detec Electronics introduces another data transmission product - fiber extender.

1, long distance transmission is stable without delay

HDMI fiber extender is to solve the HDMI signal long-distance transmission, image Mosaic, color distortion, unable to transmit and other problems, the network panel display and large screen advertising wall display, high quality HDMI audio and video signal can be long-distance transmission.

2. High-definition and exquisite picture quality

HDMI fiber extender is high-definition and delicate, HDMI signal resolution support, and downward compatible with a variety of resolutions.

3. H.2 Codec technology

The video compression format adopts H.2 codec technology. For example, under the same bandwidth for the same high-definition movie video, MPEG2 compression needs about 100G, and H.254 compression needs about 25G, and the picture quality after H.2 compression is better and the definition is higher.

4. Long-distance transmission

The optical fiber extender can support USB remote operation, connect to digital devices with USB interface, can realize cascading transmission through Fibre Channel switch equipment, built-in automatic equalization system, remote distance transmission up to 20 kilometers, smooth and stable picture quality.

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