The use method and knowledge of HDMI fiber extender

HDMI fiber extender is used to extend the signal transmission device, to solve the problem of HDMI audio and video signals can not be transmitted over a long distance, and ensure the quality of signal transmission. Usually ordinary VGA cable length in 2m or so is not able to meet the needs of video recorder and display connection, so we can use HDMI extender to solve, then, how to connect the HDMI extender?

How to connect HDMI extender?

HDMI extender is mainly used to extend the signal device, the extender transmission is a digital signal, composed of the transmitter and the receiver, the transmitter is responsible for the completion of the signal acquisition and compression role, the receiver is responsible for the completion of the signal decoding and port allocation, so HDMI delay needs to be used in pairs, a send, a receive.

HDMI extender can solve the problem of HD 1080p audio and video transmission over long distances, and can support ring and tree cascaded HD audio and video transmission.

How far is the transmission distance of HDMI extender?

HDMI extender through cat5/5e/6 (class 5 and class 6) cable for direct connection, transmission distance according to different types of delay, up to 135m transmission distance, and audio and video signal high-definition distortion.

HDMI extender intermediate with the help of switch cascade, to achieve medium distance transmission, extender transmitter and video recorder through HDMI cable connection, the intermediate use of multiple switches cascade, the receiver is connected with the display through HDMI cable, theoretical transmission distance can be up to several hundred meters.

HDMI extender can also be used in the middle of the optical fiber transmission, long-distance transmission, the farthest transmission distance can be up to tens of kilometers.

Conclusion: Fiber optic transceiver, switch, HDMI delay and other equipment combination. At the same time, HDMI extender can also achieve remote one-to-many output at the same time, an HDMI delay transmitter, a plurality of delay receiver, at the same time to receive and output multiple sets of the same screen.

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