Several ways to extend the HDMI transmission distance

In the actual deployment, affected by the layout of the site and the size of the device, there are often situations where the distance with the line exceeds 15 meters, introducing several methods to extend the HDMI transmission distance.
  A. Using HDMI fiber optic cable
  HDMI fiber optic cable that is: HDMI AOC (Active Optical Cable, Active Optical Cable); it is a kind of HDMI cable using optical fiber made into HDMI signal transmission line, and its photoelectric transformation line integrated in the interface.
  Long transmission distance; the use of optical fiber transmission medium, long-distance signal transmission attenuation is basically negligible, the long transmission distance of up to 150m or more, without the need to add active amplification equipment.
  Fiber optic HDMI cable needs to be protected when using, do not substantially folded use, decoration pre-buried also need to be particularly careful, the bend requires a certain degree of curvature, not ninety degrees vertical fold.
  Fiber optic HDMI cable due to its transmission mode, unlike copper wire can be inserted at will at both ends, fiber optic HDMI cable is directional, the transmitter and receiver can not be reversed, you must pay attention to the wiring.
  Second, wireless HDMI extension
  Wireless HDMI Extender is a wireless transmission device that transmits audio and video signals from the signal source (computer and HD playback devices) to the remote HDTV or HD projector, enabling lossless and delay-free transmission of 1080P/60 and 3D without the need to install software, plug and play, without blocking the extension distance of up to 100 meters.
  It has the ability to penetrate walls and other obstacles and has a wide range of signal radiation. The device is equipped with a transmitter and receiver like the previous extenders. A wide variety of signal sources such as computers, game consoles, set-top boxes, DVDs or DVRs, any high definition digital TV, LCD monitors and projectors can be used as signal sources. Therefore, HDMI wireless extender can create a clean and tidy environment without lengthy signal lines and cables.
  Third, the use of HDMI extenders
  3.1 Network conversion extender
  The extender converts HDMI signals into TCP/IP protocol, which can be directly connected through a network cable or transmitted with the help of routers, switches and other devices.
  It can realize a transmitter multiple receivers, one in and multiple out.
  3.2 HDMI Fiber Extender
  HDMI fiber optic extender is used to extend the signal transmission device to solve the problem of HDMI audio and video signals can not be transmitted over long distances, and to ensure the quality of signal transmission. Extender is generally divided into the transmitter and receiver, HDMI fiber extender using 10-bit digital uncompressed technology, the transmitter is responsible for signal acquisition, generally long-distance transmission through optical fiber, as far as 20KM.

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