Why is the computer black screen after the computer and TV are connected via HDMI?

The first TV to switch the signal input Some TVs are multiple HDMI inputs Look carefully
Second, whether the signal output on the laptop is recognized by the TV some need to reset the refresh rate and resolution
Third, carefully check the contact problem I have encountered this situation, the laptop interface poor contact to move a good
Fourth, the cable is not a problem First of all, the line is the problem of smooth some lines are bad that can not be helped Second, the cable supports the HDMI signal version Currently there are 1.3 and 1.4 Note the distinction
Fifth, the more troublesome current laptop graphics cards used are not all public versions of the existence of manufacturers of special custom cases This is also a problem The official driver may not be able to drive the machine's graphics card The solution is: uninstall the current driver with the random driver CD to reinstall the graphics driver and pay attention to whether there is a special HDMI-related driver
Fifth details such as whether the interface gold finger rust interface solder joints are desoldered and so on ......

The resolution supported by the TV HDMI port is completely different from the resolution supported by VGA and DVI ports, and the marking method is also different. HDMI does not support 1024X768, 1440X900, 1680X1050, which are the common resolutions of monitors. Therefore, in the HDMI connection to the TV, if the computer graphics card output resolution is not set to the format supported by the HDMI port, the TV may appear black screen phenomenon, this problem is very common in the HDMI connection, but many users do not know the cause of the black screen, this situation is very simple to solve, just need to adjust the resolution display to HDMI resolution format on the line.

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