Frequently asked questions about HDMI cable connection

Are all HDMI interfaces universal?
As long as the HDMI interface devices can use HDMI cable, but HDMI also has different interfaces, such as Micro HDMI (micro), Mini HDMI (mini).

The interface specification of Micro HDMI is 6*2.3mm, and the interface specification of Mini HDMI is 10.5*2.5mm, which is generally used for the connection of cameras and tablets. The interface specification of standard HDMI is 14*4.5mm, so be sure to pay attention to the size of the interface when purchasing to avoid buying the wrong interface.

Is there a length limit for HDMI cable?
Yes, when connecting with HDMI cable, the distance is not recommended to be too long. Otherwise, it will affect the transmission speed and signal quality. As shown in the figure below, 0.75m-3m resolution can reach 4K/60HZ, but when the distance goes to 20m-50m, the resolution only supports 1080P/60HZ, so pay attention to the length before you buy.

Can the HDMI cable be cut off and connected by itself?
HDMI cable is different from the network cable, the internal structure is more complex, cut off and reconnected The signal quality will be substantially affected, so it is not recommended to connect it yourself.

The HDMI extension cable is a male to female interface that can be extended for short distances.

HDMI network extender consists of two parts: transmitter and receiver, both ends are connected to the HDMI cable, and the middle is connected with a network cable, which can extend 60-120m.

No response after HDMI connection?
It depends on what device is connected, if it is connected to the TV, then first of all, you should confirm that the TV signal input channel is "HDMI input", according to the HDMI cable and the TV socket selection, setting method: menu - input - signal source - interface.

If the computer is cast to the TV, you can try to adjust the refresh rate of the computer to 60Hz, the resolution is adjusted to 1024 * 768 and then set the TV resolution. Settings: desktop right-click the mouse - Properties - Settings - Extended mode.

If it is a laptop, you need to switch the output screen for the second monitor to open, switch, and some computers need to shut down the connection or even reboot.

Does HDMI support audio transmission?
HDMI cable supports simultaneous transmission of audio and video. HDMI cables above version 1.4 support ARC function, but a cable that is too long will affect the signal quality.

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