TV HDMI interface can output audio?

The HDMI port on the TV is an input port, which can only input audio and video signals. HDMI port can realize the sound and picture transmission display between devices, and through HDMI port and HDMI cable, the screen of the laptop can be synchronized to the TV, and the game console (Swtich, etc.) can also be connected to the TV.

HDMI interface is usually located on the back or side of the TV in the lower position. Next to the interface will be marked with the word "HDMI", common models of TVs are equipped with two HDMI ports, which can be connected to game consoles or computers and other devices, without external audio cables, you can input audio, while supporting the playback of 1080P Full HD video and 3D visual effects, including HDMI version 2.1 can support 8K screen.
  In addition, some devices have Mini HDMI interface, the interface and HDMI difference is mainly in the size of the female interface, Mini HDMI female interface width of about 10.5mm, about 2.5mm high, the ordinary HDMI interface width of about 15mm, about 5mm high. there is no difference in function.
  There is no substantial difference between the two except for the size and appearance of the interface, which is made using the same wiring, number of pins, wiring, and standard wire gauge, and also has the distinction of version number, only by cleverly making the interface size different, it can be smoothly applied to devices of different sizes.
  Among the multiple interfaces of HDMI, the more used typically are TYPE A, TYPE C, TYPE D and other three interfaces, of which TYPE A is the common standard HDMI interface, TYPE C interface is also known as mini HDMI interface.

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