Can HDMI connectors transmit audio?

HDMI connector cannot transmit audio? Many users think that HDMI is just a video interface that only supports image signal transmission, not audio signal. Generally speaking, when we connect computer and LCD TV through HDMI cable, we will find that the TV has no sound and need to add extra audio cable.

  But in fact, HDMI connectors support sound transmission, but most computers have separate audio and video signals with separate outputs, leading many of our friends to mistakenly believe that HDMI connectors do not support audio.
  With the rapid development of HD technology, mainstream audiovisual devices, digital devices and computer devices are equipped with HDMI connectors, such as LCD TVs, TV boxes, laptops, desktop computers and HDMI splitter interfaces.
  It is generally more common in mainstream laptops, liquid TVs, graphics cards, motherboards and other devices. It can transmit audio and video signals simultaneously, with a maximum data transmission speed of 5Gbps, and can support 4K, 1080P, 720P full HD format video output, which is the more popular HD interface, which is incomparable to ordinary VGA display interfaces, such as broadband telephone line broadband and optical fiber, with very different data transmission capabilities. Dieter Electronics' fiber optic HDMI HD cable up to 300 meters 4K high broadband transmission.

  The function of HDMI is to primarily meet the needs of high-definition video above 1080P. For example, a motherboard or graphics card equipped with an HDMI connector indicates that the computer equipped with the motherboard or graphics card supports 1080P or higher video output. We can connect a monitor or LCD TV with 1080P or higher resolution to play 1080P or higher Full HD video.

  Final Summary:
  HDMI connector is a popular HD interface to play Full HD video over 1080P. the current higher version is HDMI version 2.1, which can support 8K, can transmit audio, and supports simultaneous transmission of audio and video. When we use HDMI cable, we can not use external audio cable.

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