Switch from USB to Scart - useful hints

If you have some movies stored on PC and want to play them on a tube TV with Scart connection, you can do it via USB. How to transfer the movie to Scart via USB connection is shown in the following article.

Transfer USB data with an adapter
If you have various movies, series or music videos stored on your PC or laptop, but you want to watch them on your TV, you can do this with the help of an adapter.

This adapter must have a USB port on one side, which is also on your PC or laptop, so that the movie can be transferred through this output.
On the other side of the adapter there should of course be a Scart connection, which you can recognize by the three colored plugs.
You can then - depending on what kind of TV you have - connect them individually to this or, with the help of another adapter that is included in the delivery, to the Scart connection of the TV.
Now start the movie to get it from USB to the scart channel of your TV and watch it there afterwards.

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Transfer USB data via storage medium to Scart
If you don't want or don't have the money to buy such an adapter, there is also a second, cheaper way to play USB media on the scart channel of your TV. All you need is the burner that is in your computer, a DVD player and a blank CD or DVD.

Now take the CD, insert it into your computer and save the data from your USB flash drive or PC. With the burning program you then burn the desired data on the blank CD and then remove it from your burner.
Afterwards, connect the DVD player to your TV via scart cable, insert the CD and play the USB data on your TV via scart.

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