USB to HDMI adapter - what you should look for when buying.

If you want to connect your PC to your TV or DVD player, you can do so with an HDMI or USB cable. However, if the TV or player does not have the appropriate connection, you need an HDMI-to-USB adapter. The following article will show you what you need to consider.

What does USB or HDMI mean?
USB or HDMI are abbreviations that stand for different connections on your PC, laptop or TV.

USB means Universal Serial Bus and allows you to connect your PC to other devices. Data can be transferred or other USB devices can be supplied with power.
However, there are different connectors with different sizes and formats that can be used as USB.
HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface and is used to transfer modern video files in HD format.
These video formats can also be transferred either from PC to TV or DVD player, however, these cables are also used with new Blu-ray players or video consoles to produce the best picture.

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Again, there are different sizes and formats for the interfaces on PC, TV or laptop.
Buy the right USB-to-HDMI adapter
As mentioned above, there are different formats or interfaces with different sizes, lengths and widths, so it's important to figure out which USB port and which HDMI port before you buy.
First, you should look at which USB port it is. On PCs and TVs, you'll often find USB 2.0 interfaces, while on various storage devices, like digicams or MP3 players, you'll often find mini-USB ports.
So now you check which port you have, and then look for the first side of the adapter that must fit the corresponding USB port.
In the store, you may find several USB to HDMI adapters that have the same USB interface. That's why it's now important to look at which HDMI connector is on the other side.
Again, there are different types. The most common connector is the "HDMI standard", which has certain similarities with the USB connector, so it can be easily confused. So look closely at which HDMI connector it is to find the right USB to HDMI adapter.
So lastly, go to the store to pick out the adapter that has both the right USB and HDMI interface to avoid any kind of connection problems.

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