Automatic HDMI switcher

If you have a TV that can display high-resolution images and thus bears the HD-Ready logo, it also has one or more HDMI ports. While four HDMI connections are already the rule for modern flat-screen TVs, older devices only have one or two connections. If you want to connect a Blu-Ray player, a DVD recorder and a game console, for example, the slots on your TV will then not be enough. However, this is not a reason to buy a new set. An automatic HDMI switch can remedy the situation.

HDMI is considered the standard in consumer electronics
HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. The standard replaced the analog SCART standard with the beginning of the digital age of image transmission after the turn of the millennium. In contrast to SCART, not only the picture but also the sound is transmitted in high digital quality.
All modern consumer electronics devices have an HDMI connection. Laptops, desktop PCs and monitors also have such an interface built in.
An automatic switch detects the signal independently
If the HDMI ports on your imaging device, usually a projector or a TV, are not enough, you can use a switch. Switch it between your TV or projector and the device you want to connect. The switcher is compatible with all devices.
An automatic switcher detects which input the signal is coming from and activates it automatically. You do not need to do anything and

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