Tutorial: Extracting HDMI sound using the PS4 Slim as an example

The examples in which one would like to extract or decouple sound from HDMI are manifold: Whenever an HDMI playback source does not offer a separate audio output, but at the same time one would like to output the sound via a surround sound system or external speakers, one would like to have a possibility to somehow tap the HDMI sound track.

Extract HDMI sound

That's why we'll explain today how you can extract the sound from an HDMI cable and output it separately from the video stream using an inexpensive adapter.

However, one thing should be clear: The HDMI audio extraction is only a detour, much more elegant are of course AV receivers with sufficient HDMI inputs or the output of the audio signal via the audio out of the TV. However, these methods also have their catches. AV receivers with HDMI inputs are relatively expensive. And audio cables dangling from the TV don't fit into every aesthetic world view either.

PS4 Slim: Extracting HDMI sound as an alternative to the optical output
Our instructions are based on the example of the PS4 Slim. However, the procedure is basically also applicable to all other playback sources with HDMI output (more examples at the end of the text).

The example of the PS4 Slim might be interesting for many because Sony has unceremoniously eliminated the optical audio output in this version. And since the sound output of video games via TV speakers is only moderately inspiring, you have to trick with the audio out if you want to connect the PS4 Slim to a sound system.

This is how the sound output via HDMI works:
How does the HDMI sound extraction work? Basically, it is a small adapter that provides an HDMI input on the one hand and an HDMI output as well as an (usually optical) audio output on the other. This means that the audio signal is tapped from the HDMI signal and can be forwarded to a hi-fi or sound system, for example.

The whole thing works in 4 steps:

The HDMI Audio Extractor needs an additional power supply, e.g. via (Micro) USB. Usually the power supply of a USB port of PS4 Slim or TV can be used for this purpose.
Connect the HDMI cable (High Speed) of the PS4 Slim with the HDMI Audio Extractor.
From there, you can now use another HDMI cable to project the image onto your TV or projector. The whole thing works in HD at max. 60 Hz and 4K resolution at max. 30 Hz.
You can now listen to the audio signal on the TV or use a Toslink or jack cable to output it to your sound system, headphones, AV receivers or other playback devices. This works with up to max. 5.1 sound!
As simple as it sounds, there are still a few settings you should keep in mind: To get the best sound out of your PlayStation 4 Slim, you should make sure in advance that you set the sound to max. 5.1 channel to use the digital Toslink output on the adapter. For analog sound via jack, 2.0 channel sound is allowed.

More examples
Here are a few more examples of HDMI sound extraction for you:

Video and Audio to TV and AV Receiver
For those who want to listen to music or videos not only through headphones, soundbars or the laptop speakers, the HDMI Audio Extractor can be connected to the laptop with an HDMI cable and to the AV receiver with a Toslink cable.

Amazon Fire TV Stick / Google Chromecast 2.
One feature that works great in today's streaming society is connecting streaming systems like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast. To do this, plug the HDMI output of the stick into the audio extractor and then connect an HDMI cable to the TV and a Toslink or jack cable to your audio system.

Raspberry Pi
You want to connect your Raspberry Pi to an AV receiver and via HDMI? An HDMI Audio Extractor will help you with that, too.

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